vaping vs dabbing

Vaping vs Dabbing

There are two ways to consume marijuana, probably you know and have tried it, but do you know the difference between the two? And how do they affect us differently?

RELEAFY takes you through a comprehensive understanding of the similarities and differences between the two. You can easily choose your preference.

What is vaping?

Vaping is the process of heating a liquid and allowing consumers to inhale the vapor of marijuana.

dab pen vs vape pen

What is dabbing?

Dabbing is the process of vaporizing cannabis concentrate (solid) for consumers to inhale.


  Vaping or dabbing are both ways of consuming cannabis.

Both are not in the form of burning cannabis flowers when consuming cannabis, but are released in the form of evaporating cannabis extracts by heating them to a certain temperature.

This form of vapor is less irritating to our respiratory system than the traditional way of burning cannabis flowers.

Both the vape pen used for vaping and the dab pen used for dabbing are small and portable.


  • Device used:

Vaping using a vape pen/ vaporizer

Dabbing uses dab rig/dab pen

  • Consumed substance

dabbing: marijuana solid wax

vaping: Cannabis liquid oil

  • Temperature

dabbing operating temperature 315°F-900°F

Vaping operating temperature 390°F to 480°F

  • Working method


The dab pen is heated by filling the concentrate into the quartz chamber coil or ceramic chamber coil. The porosity of the atomizing core is larger, which melts the solid into a liquid state, allowing the liquid to run into the atomizing core faster, heated to a vapor state, and inhaled by people.

The dab rig is to put the concentrate into the rig, heat the rig to a certain temperature through a spray gun, let it evaporate the marijuana concentrate, and pass it through the water filter pipe before being inhaled by people.


The vape pen atomizes the oil in the cannabis oil cartridge through a heating element such as an atomizing core, and the vaporized cannabis oil is inhaled by people. Because the cannabis oil cartridge in the vape pen is an oily substance, the porosity of the vape pen atomizing core will be smaller,

And the oil-locking effect of the vape pen will be designed better than that of the dab pen.

Both dab pen and dab rig need a dab tool to load the concentrate into the atomizing core/rig, and the vape pen is pre-filled cannabis oil.

  • Effect

Cannabis concentrates contain more THC than cannabis oil

Dabbing is more effective than vaping, patients suffering from severe nausea or pain can use dabbing to relieve pain problems

Vaping VS Dabbing, Which Is Better?

As you can see, both vaping and dabbing have their pros and cons.

Slightly less potent vaping, easy to operate

Dabbing is more effective but requires temperature control and other accessories.

Many enthusiasts use both and choose different ways depending on the occasion. It all depends on your preference.


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