do i need to preheat vape pen

Do I Need To Preheat the Vape Pen?

What is the preheat mode of the vape pen?

The preheating mode of the vape pen is also known as the preparation mode. Turn on the 10s warm-up function by double-clicking the button of the vape pen, and the vape pen will run at low temperature and warm up the heating coil.

Application of preheat mode

For thick oils & cold weather, using preheat mode will help dilute your cannabis oil/concentrate and allow for quick vaping, giving you the best results when vaping, allowing you to enjoy the vaping process and don’t waste anything.

The warm-up mode can also help clear clogs inside the tank cartridges, a very helpful function to unclog cartridges or vape pens that are not working due to clogging.

RELEAFY Dope Pro vape pen
RELEAFY Dope Pro Vape Pen


Do all vape pens have a preheat mode?

Not all vape pens have a preheating mode. Vape pens with different functions will be designed according to the product design of the vape pen manufacturer and the requirements of customers.

You’d better check the product description to determine if the vape pen has a preheat function before purchasing.

delta-8 disposable vape pen
RELEAFY Tri Vape Pen supports the preheating function

How long should I warm up my vape pen?

The general vape pen preheating setting is 10-15s, you can heat it for 10 seconds first, then take the first draw for 5-8 seconds. Wait another 5-8 seconds before taking the second draw, which allows some time for the heating coil to cool down so as to avoid burnt taste.

RELEAFY recommends using the preheat function to warm up your device when necessary.

For example, when the oil prefilled is relatively viscous or when the environment is relatively cold at that time.

It is not necessary to preheat the device in advance every time you use the vape pen, we recommend to preheat when the vape pens have not been vaped for at least 30 minutes.

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