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Why Is My Disposable Vape Pen Getting Hot?

The Disposable vape pen is a heatable electronic device that requires power to heat the oil/liquid during use and will only generate steam when it reaches a certain temperature.

If you find that the disposable vape pen has an abnormal heating temperature during use, don’t panic.

Chances are you’ve heard many horror stories about vape pen batteries exploding, and you’re worried when your vape pen becomes unusually hot. The risk of such a situation is low, but the possibility of occurrence is not ruled out.

In this blog, RELEAFYTECH will examine why your disposable vape pen is getting hot and how to fix it.

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Reason 1: Caused by vaping frequently

From the feedback we’ve collected, the most common reason for a disposable vape pen to get hot suddenly is because you’re vaping the disposable vape pen too fast and too often.

Because the disposable vape pen is the temperature generated by the battery heating coil, the temperature of the coil will reach above 300 ℃ or even higher.

For prolonged periods of continuous puffing, your coils will continue to heat up, which can cause your disposable vape pen to get hotter.

Solution: The solution to this problem is also very simple, you only need to let your disposable vape pen rest for 10 minutes, and the frequency of puffing is a little slower, allowing the coil time to cool down, the problem of the disposable vape pen getting hot will resolve itself.

Reason 2: Mucus buildup

Because of the different textures of cannabis concentrates, sometimes the sticky substance from the oil/liquid can build up around the coil and prevent the coil from absorbing the oil as efficiently as possible. Over time, it will cause the coil to heat up but not produce a lot of steam. And there’s also a “dry foam” situation where the sticky stuff isn’t soaked in the oil/liquid and if the disposable vape pen continues to work it will cause the sticky stuff to burn slightly.

Solution: The most immediate and quick solution is to replace the disposable vape pen coil. If you don’t currently have a spare coil in your home, you can clean the existing coil.

The coils are cleaned with alcohol and cotton swabs to remove mucus and then assembled back for reuse after drying.

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Reason 3: The working voltage is too high

Another reason a disposable vape pen overheats is that the coil overheats and doesn’t work

The disposable vape pen has a voltage range, usually between 3.3V-4.8V; the power range is between 50-75W.

Disposable vape pen manufacturers will set different voltages and frequencies in order to meet the needs of different customers. The coil and heating element are connected while the disposable vape pen is working, so the coil heats up and creates constant heat inside the tank/cartridge. If you set the voltage high & output high power, the heating element will eventually burn out or melt once the continuous heating time is prolonged, causing the whole device to overheat.

Solution: Turn down the operating voltage of your disposable vape pen to avoid burning tar/liquid or even burning your disposable vape pen.

Reason 4: Liquid/Oil Mobility

If the liquid in the disposable vape pen’s tank is thick or the liquid is less mobile due to the limitations of the disposable vape pen’s tank design, the wick around the coil will be less able to absorb the liquid. Wicking issues can also lead to mucus buildup that creates a situation where the disposable vape pen overheats.

Solution: You can observe the fluidity of the liquid in the mailbox and whether the disposable vape pen has a flow control device when you purchase it. If a mucus accumulation has occurred, the coil needs to be cleaned.

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Reason 5: Battery Problems

Battery issues are rare though, but it’s also one of the reasons the disposable vape pen gets hot and can’t be ignored. Disposable vape pen suppliers now attach great importance to the quality of the battery. The battery design of the disposable vape pen has the characteristics of heat resistance and durability, and the disposable vape pen also has the function of short circuit protection. If you have ruled out the above four reasons for the hotness of the disposable vape pen and feel that the battery part of the disposable vape pen is still hot, you need to face the problem of the battery.

Because it is inevitable that the manufacturer of the disposable vape pen is blindly pursuing the price-friendly and uses cheap materials, or because your disposable vape pen is too old and the battery life has reached its limit.

Solution: Immediately stop using the disposable vape pen and replace it with another disposable vape pen. This is the only way.

If your disposable vape pen is very hot, please follow the above steps to troubleshoot and solve the problem as soon as possible.


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