customization vape pen for my brand

Can I Customize Cannabis Vaporizer Design For My Brand?

When we saw this title, our first reaction was YES.

The times are constantly advancing, and people’s thinking is constantly changing. The same things can no longer attract people’s attention, on the contrary, personalized things are becoming more and more popular.

With the continuous development of this cognition, the demand for personalized services is also growing. Where there is demand, there is service.

The trend is that every industry is scrambling to follow, and the same is true for cannabis vaporizers. Personalized customization for your own brand is also the most popular way in the cannabis vaporizers industry.

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What item can be customized?

When it comes to the customized services of cannabis vaporizers, what things can be customized first?

Color Customization: The most intuitive one is the color of the cannabis vaporizer, which can be customized according to your preferences, whether it is colorful colors or fresh and elegant tones, can be customized.

Graphic Customization: You can also customize the cannabis vaporizer graphic according to your needs, inform the design team of your ideas, and let them carry out a certain graphic design according to your ideas.

Mouthpiece Customization: The cannabis vaporizer mouthpiece can be customized according to your habits. It can be customized into a round mouth shape or a flat mouth shape. Even the material of the mouthpiece can also be customized. Do you want ceramic materials, quartz materials or It is other materials, as long as it is feasible, it can be customized.

customized services of cannabis vaporizers
customized services of cannabis vaporizers

Tank capacity Customization: Cannabis vaporizer Tank capacity can be customized according to your requirements. If you think 3ml is too little, you can customize 5ml, or you can customize a certain amount of each ml to meet customers with different needs.

LOGO Customization: Most companies may have greater needs for cannabis vaporizer LOGO customization. The company is satisfied with all aspects of your product, but they want to sell it to customers with their own brand. At this time, they will ask your design team to customize the LOGO according to their needs and display their uniqueness on the product. the LOGO.

Packaging Customization: The unique design of the cannabis vaporizer packaging also shows the charm of the corporate brand and makes the company stand out. Therefore, the demand for packaging customization is also increasing.

The above aspects are generally required by enterprises for customization needs.

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How to customize?

First of all, the customer needs to propose a corresponding plan according to his own needs, and the provider evaluates the feasibility of the plan.

After confirming the feasibility, the design team designs according to the demand. During the continuous discussion and communication, the final customer confirms the design plan; Then the provider makes samples.

After getting a satisfactory answer from the customer, the customer makes the payment, and the provider produces and tests the product.

If everything is correct, mass production begins and the product is delivered to the customer.

RELEAFY ONE STOP Customization service
RELEAFY ONE-STOP Customization Service

What’s the customize MOQ quantity?

Customization needs are personalized to a certain extent, and the finished products only meet specific customer needs.

Therefore, in order not to lose money, the provider generally requires the customer to meet a specific minimum order quantity before accepting the order.

However, the minimum order quantity required by different providers is also inconsistent. Some require a minimum order of 3000 cartons, and some require a minimum order of 5000 pcs. Therefore, different providers and different products lead to inconsistent minimum order quantities.

Speaking of customized services for cannabis vaporizers, RELEAY can also provide corresponding services, whether it is a CBD cartridge, disposable vape pen, vape battery, and dry herb vaporizer, we can all provide personalized customized services, and we look forward to our RELEAFY can also give you Provide satisfactory service.


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