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US Warehouse

Rest assured, the local warehouse is ready to promptly deliver the samples or fulfill your orders.

Diverse Range of Vape Hardware

Experience pure vaping satisfaction with RELEAFY’s vast vape hardware lineup. Discover high-performance disposable pens, top-quality cartridges, and advanced 510 vape mod batteries. Crafted for exceptional taste and collaborative excellence.

One-Stop Customization Solution

Save your time and money with RELEAFY’s all-in-one customization solution. Tailor your experience with customizable tanks, mouthpieces, colors, packaging, logo, and more. Meet your unique preferences and brand needs effortlessly.

Professional R&D Design Team

With a team of 20+ skilled engineers boasting extensive expertise in the vape pen industry, we are fully equipped to cater to your specific customization needs.

Products Safety Certificate

Every product undergoes rigorous testing, to ensure they are free from heavy metals and meet exceptional quality requirements.



What kind of customization does RELEAFY support?

All of our products are entirely customizable, including colors, tips, tank, oil window, aperture, materials, printing, logo, packaging and more.

How long does it take for the production of the custom orders?

The production takes about 20-30 days, according to your customized requirements and quantities.

How can we cooperate with RELEAFY?

Welcome to cooperate with RELEAFY , if you're interested in collaboration, please contact us at or talk to us online.

Can we get a free sample before bulk orders?

Of course. Please email or talk to us online for more details.